What makes us tick ?

What makes us tick

That is a more apposite title than you might imagine. If you have been reading my articles or listening to the podcasts  you will realise that I talk a lot about change and the fact that an individual can be helped to change parts of their internal programming and I am aware that some of you may think this an odd or unlikely   possibility.  Perhaps the proof that such changes can be made  has not sprung into your mind so please consider that we are regulated by various cycles we are programmed to sleep eat, breath on constant cycles, our core temperature fluctuates over a 25 hour period in fact many of our bodily functions work on about 25 hour cycles. Other functions such as menstruation works on a longer monthly cycle, our skin and skeleton rebuilds over preset periods. However in all of these functions outside forces can effect changes—we travel across continents and many of our systems are affected, light  or darkness can affect the length of time we sleep. It is logical therefore to understand that we can make conscious decisions to change elements of our being so that we react in different ways to stimuli. We can condition ourselves not to run for the hills when we see a mouse, not to scream when we see a spider,conversley to put distance between ourselves and a raging bull or angry snake—the conditioning  that happens automatically is our subconscious mind acting to protect us--- but sometimes the protection is continued when not needed and we need to redress the balance—being wary of poisonous spiders in Africa or Australia is one thing but applying the same level of defence against a UK house spider is vastly disproportionate and needs to be reigned in to save us from “over reacting”

Hopefully now you see that although we are one whole person we comprise many parts, many systems and many functions and, like any complicated machine, things can get out of sync and thereby throw other parts into dysfunction.  Whether you use terms like re-balancing, realigning, harmonising etc. the basic need is to have the various parts that make up “Us” doing the thing that fits our current needs. Much of the adjustment is automatic, we are constantly scanning, comparing and correcting but sometimes the blueprint becomes dated and we have to make conscious changes that enable us to function in changed circumstances. Yet again we come up against left brain logic and right brain actuation( doing the things to make what the left brain is thinking about happen). The conscious left brain hears the arguments for and against courses of action—dieting, not smoking, regulating weight, balancing emotions  but it is the right brain that works out how to make it all happen--- and sometimes it needs help in the form of  hypnotic suggestion and guidance: sometimes simple metaphors ( stories with a message)will be sufficient to give the subconscious the idea of what to do to resolve a situation or condition. It is important to understand what is happening and how to make running repairs but you don’t have to work this out alone  talk to a therapist, get help and get happy!

© Martin Williams 2013/15/16