Just words ?


If I say a word to you , you understand what I mean. But if you stop and think about it, the word I say triggers lots of other words that describe it. For example I say Chocolate and immediately you know what chocolate is , it doesn’t matter if you like chocolate or not , the word still conveys meaning. It does far more than that. 

We each have different ways of explaining the world we see around us. So If I say chocolate to one person they may immediately think of the smell of it and think of occasions when they have smelled that smell. Others see an image of chocolate in all its varied forms, equally, someone else might hear Chocolate and think of the taste, the variety of tastes, the other tastes that can go with it or clash against it. Still others might associate sounds with the word, hearing the rustle of the wrapper coming off their favourite bar, the sound in their head as they bite into a thick block of milk chocolate or the crisp snap of the brittle, dark chocolate. Some would go to the feeling of the chocolate, smooth and melting on the tongue, sticky on the fingers when it melts dense and hard to break perhaps.

All that from one word—we all fall into different categories- technically called “Representational systems” these are Visual ( what we see), Auditory ( the sounds we hear) Kinathetic ( feeling and texture) Olfactory ( how it smells) Gustatory ( what it tastes like). Each of us have a preferred system and the give away is what we say. Visual peoples conversation will have comments like I see what you mean , look at it this way, I see where you are coming from Auditory people use phrases like , sounds like a plan, I hear what you’re saying, I don’t like the sound of that . Olfactory people say that plan stinks, that idea is like a breath of fresh air while gustatory people come up with, the success is so real I can taste it. Or, you get a flavour of it from this description. 

Understanding how You think, and the way You see and explain the world helps me to understand how to help You reach the goals that You have in Your head.

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© Martin Williams 2013/15/16