Weighty issues

Weighty issues

What makes you eat what you eat ??

Mood, as we all know, affects how we behave. We all hear about comfort eating but do we know what that means—where it comes from and why we do it?

If you are trying to make alterations to your weight you need to be aware of all the factors that got you to the point  where  you recognise that change needs to happen. .

 From our earliest existence we have been programmed to eat when we can because we never know when the famine will come, in the western world that seems to be largely  irrelevant, but because it is deeply ingrained in us we have to recognise it and change how we react.

Studies in America have shown that  when we feel depressed (Down, blue, glum) we are more likely to eat --- not just that – you already knew that part  ---BUT—you are likely to choose high calorie foods—typically chocolate and not so healthy snack items--- AND—you are likely to eat bigger quantities. So in part it is history that leads you to make these ( for us today) bad choices.

The survival of the fittest--- another common but accurate phrase that describes  something that has come to us from ancient times---those that got the best food lived the longest—at one time we needed high calorie foods for warmth and energy—but now we have warm clothes and  less need for the physical exertion  that those foods fuelled—when was the last time you trailed a wild boar for miles before wrestling it to the ground and killing it to feed your family? So that is an example of behaviour that was suitable, essential at one time that today we need to understand and modify to fit our current lives.

So, back to the depressed  feelings issue:- you don’t need to be feeling really bad  to hit the high caloried foods--- how many times has your mum or a friend “Cheered you up” with chocolates, biscuits, cake?? Yes these things work --- because when you are in a negative frame of mind the sugars and fats  make you feel better. Is the light coming on yet??

Getting yourself into the “right frame of mind” makes a massive difference in all parts of your life.

It is not just a case of making the wrong choices when we are down—in that state you are likely to eat far more--- how often have you opened a packet of biscuits intending to have one or two and suddenly found that you have eaten half the packet?

When you are ready :--get happy, feel great, get energised, get slim

Losing weight is not a minor achievement--- it is the end result of getting other things sorted out first--it is a life change so it needs to be approached  in the right way--- think about other life changing events ( changing jobs, moving house, getting married / divorced, giving up smoking or drinking etc), look at how much preparation, planning, work you put into them in order to get the right result at the end.

If you need help making the plans for your new appearance call me. We will look at:-

What change you want to make and why

 What helps or hinders that change

What practical steps will get you to the result you want.

What resources you have and what others you can call upon.

If you have decided that Now is the time for change call me and make an appointment

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This graphic will help you understand some of the issues that obesity brings

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