Einstein's miracle

“You can live your life as if nothing is a miracle or as if everything is a miracle” Einstein

The choice is yours

Maybe this  is the pessimist / optimist balance again, the glass half full or half empty. Do you, at some point,  decide which side of this relates to you and accept that the life you live is influenced if not controlled by the attitudes you hold?


It is certain that if you see everything as a miracle, and attribute that miracle to some higher being perhaps  you are likely to be more positive in your outlook; expecting things to turn out well, to have faith and trust in the innate goodness of others. That in itself gives you a feel good factor and as we all know  If you feel good you are more likely to try new things, to believe that you will succeed and ultimately to make the good things happen. When I talk about You being in control this is the sort of thing I mean.

Look at the flip side of the  proposition. Nothing is a miracle: “everything just exists, it has no special meaning or value, it just is.”  Maybe you feel that everything has an explanation, a logic and that anything can be copied or replicated but with that attitude goes the thought “But why bother”. It seems to presuppose that we are at an end point, we know what we know and the unknown is either unknowable or not worth discovering. There is an innate lethargy , a lack of the spark that fires the imagination, a lack of curiosity to probe and achieve.

Taking either of the above positions  on a personal level can show how people approach the world in which they live and the attitudes that may follow from the beliefs they hold.

A person with negative feelings may, unconsciously,  be looking for evidence to justify negative precognitions relating to themselves and their environment. With their brain programmed in that way  the brain sifts and discards information that does not support the negative view of the world that it has been tasked to find. Once the subconscious has received this sifted information it feels justified, vindicated in its vision of the world, this then becomes an endless loop of searching in specific places to reinforce the beliefs and finding just that.

For some this creates real problems in their life, giving them feelings of being unable to progress or even change the status quo. So how can they be helped?

The first step towards breaking the loop is to understand that the loop exists and that the process described  may well have been learned at an early age rather than “inherited” or “imposed” by the world.

The next step is going to be harder because that negativity is so ingrained it has seeped into every aspect of the personality, to question long held attitudes is the way to instant failure because the process of reinforcing is long standing.

Introducing additional information that slowly but progressively undermines the original mindset may work but will lead to considerable emotional confusion or upset because something ingrained and longstanding is being attacked from within.

So how do we combat those damaging beliefs? Step by step--- begin by noting down positive events, thoughts, etc. Perhaps, even before this, is to Notice positive comments, events etc.  Give yourself credit too for any positive thought or action you do  whilst actively blocking negative thoughts. Its not going to be fast but it can be done--- like all life changes there’s lots to do, many changes to make, new attitudes and opinions to be formed. These can not be pulled off a shelf and installed, you have to come to these different conclusions  based on what you let yourself observe and experience.

Where hypnotherapy can help is in helping you to allow yourself to consider that there are different, equally valid ways of thinking that help you open up your horizons and take on board so much new and exciting thinking that you start a snowball effect of gathering knowledge, feelings, experiences that build a whole bright new world for you.  Call me  and let me show you the way forward.

© Martin Williams 2013/15/16