Be it do it

Right this is so straightforward—and that’s why you probably forget it soooo often.

Getting started--- on anything, painting the fence, going to the gym,  getting THAT job—is always a pain--- there is always something else that you need to be doing, before you do  whatever  you are putting off, there is never a shortage of excuses.

Now, there are reasons why you put things off— don’t really want to do it, maybe someone is pushing you ( partner /family/ boss) so it is not even your idea and therefore you have very little impetus to get on with whatever it is, you might even be able to make a strong case to yourself for not doing it—we all have these internal conversations


2. Second, maybe You don’t think that you will be able to do IT – or wont do it well enough, or others will criticise what and how you do it —so that’s lack of confidence on your part and the worry about the reaction you will get


3 Thirdly You may know that you don’t have the skills to do the task at the moment, you might feel you need those skills but that is another  task with another amount of effort to get them and it all seems too much trouble.


With all of these the problem is motivation and even when you try to motivate yourself nothing happens and you get frustrated. We are dealing with the left /right brain  issue again. The left brain  is the sensible bit of you that says ,”I need to do this”—for whatever reason but if you are not engaging the right brain that is the bit that programmes events, sets sequences, organises actions you never quite get round to doing it



So how to turn inaction to action       



Have a plan         —if you can see where you are going with a project  you are on the right track. 


Firstly, and perhaps you may think oddly,  think forward in time to a point when you have completed the task--- feel how you will feel—satisfied, pleased, relieved –now think about what will be different at that point—people around you may congratulate you, something that you wanted is now available to you, perhaps this completion allows you to make other gains, plans or achievements. Take a moment to think about all those outcomes that will exist when you have done the task.      

Now, come back to the present look at the task and break it down into smaller parts, things that you can do, or can  ask others to help you do.


Set some boundaries too—“I am only doing abc today because I need to get 123 resources before I can do the next steps.”  Set time frames ABC you can do today, tomorrow you have to seek out tools / information or whatever so the following day you can do the next stage

Most important ---stay real—logic says you cannot build a 20m long, 6m high wall single handed in two hours. If you set unreal targets you will not meet them, then you will feel defeated and that will make it even harder to get back into the task.

At the same time being real means not putting up artificial barriers--- if a reasonable person with your skills could build that wall in a week then you have to aim for that and make adjustments to the way you work if you have not made adequate progress--- which of course then means that you need objectives that tell you if you are on schedule --- By start of day 1 I will have made sure the materials are on site by the end of say one the ground will have been prepared, by end of day two the foundation will be complete --- you get the picture.


I’m sure you have heard people say “ He or she is their own worst enemy”—just a phrase you might think but actually many of these phrases have some truth to them. You can choose to be your own worst enemy or best friend—when you see the benefits that will accrue from getting a task done and you set out in a realistic way you are creating your own success.

What would you prefer success with congratulations from those around or uncompleted tasks with everyone nagging and making judgements about you.


Something worth considering—if you always put things off and have to be nagged – how do people see you, what do they think about your abilities and about you as a person?

When you have done something, even if you have just “Given it a go” how does their attitude change and do you notice how much better they treat you.


Motivation has to come from within—you can be inspired by what you see others doing, by what you hear people saying about successful people but you have to act  on what you see and hear so that you will be driven  by the feeling you get when you try something and it works ----but the great thing is that once it begins motivation grows and spreads—spreads through you and also gets transmitted from you to others--- you become the person others want to be like. It is a powerful position that you can  reach.


If you need help reaching goals, setting targets or even if you have not yet found your direction you can email me at or call me on 01341 242703 for an appointment It could help you change your life--- and if  not today ---when??




© Martin Williams 2013/15/16