The journey

The journey

You may be in a bad place  right now, you may feel at your lowest point and may not be able to see which way to go but it is essential for you  to know that you are on your way somewhere. Just because you cant see the way that does not mean that there is no way.


Life is a progression, constantly changing, sometimes dramatically and at others imperceptibly. We all feel stuck from time to time not understanding what is happening in our lives but notably the difficult times are the ones that cause the changes of direction into new experiences and new ways of understanding or appreciating our lives. Ironically the times we hate are often those that help us grow the most.


The trick is to be able to step away from ourself and take a detached view when things seem to be at their worst; to see things from a different angle or perspective. That is not an easy thing to achieve, in many cases it needs an outsider to help you reach a certain calm point from which, firstly  you can make an assessment and then secondly  a plan to resolve the difficulty.

Staying still is not possible, “keeping things the way they were” cannot be; every day is a new experience building on whatever has gone before: sometimes we cannot accept that and try to hold on to the past, we quickly begin fighting ourselves, and that’s where the problems begin.


It is not unusual for those who have experienced a trauma to try to get back, psychologically,  to a time before the event and to stay there , as a defence mechanism. They try to become the person they were, not realising quite what they are doing because whilst they  may be trying to regain an innocence of an earlier time in one part of their life they are also abandoning the  unrelated positive learning that has come after the trauma too.  Regressing is trying to go backwards, it is swimming against the tide and you can imagine how exhausting and pointless that is. Issues have to be dealt with in order  to prevent them casting a shadow over the rest of  our lives.


Terms like “internal conflict”  get bandied about and most of the time we let them wash over us because they have no meaning for us but if you stop to take a little time to concentrate on yourself, you will understand that you are your own strongest critic, you argue with yourself and listen to that negative internal voice, the one  that never seems to be on your side, always seems to put you down, destroys your self confidence. What is that negative voice for? Why does it exist? Could it be that it is the counterbalance, not there to rule you, but to throw up all sorts of alternative scenarios for you to consider, weigh up and either act on or discard. If you allow this negative voice too much power it will limit and overwhelm you. Life is about pushing boundaries, building, growing, being an example to others. When Shakespeare said that no man is an island he was pointing out that we are all interdependent, decisions we make affect ourselves and those around us.


Depending on what you believe you may consider that it is therefore important that we are always being the best we can be, not for purely personal gratification and benefit but because a healthy human society is dependant on such effort.


Hypnosis enables you to take that time for reflection but it also expands and compresses time: time is a construction invented to explain the order and the spaces between events. Your brain works at phenomenal speed, processing information but much of that process is hidden from the conscious mind because essentially it only needs to be aware of that which affects it now and in the immediate future.


 When you reach a specific  point of relaxation you  can cut out all the extraneous noise and thoughts so that you just look at the situation that is bothering you and are able to work out why your mind is pushing you into actions and behaviours that are causing you problems. . This enables you to understand why you are reacting in certain ways to particular events or stimuli. You can use that internal voice that we all have      to talk to your subconscious about  re-evaluating past events in a way that  allows you to keep them in perspective, in their place and not causing you on-going problems   then your brain can reprocess information, can update reactions based on what it has learned since the incident that caused the problem and can adjust the way you view and deal with the consequences of whatever  is upsetting your wellbeing. This sounds complex but actually it is just a conversation with yourself, without disruption that gets your thoughts properly organised


This process may sound complicated  and you will benefit by being guided through it but it is effective, has no side effects and does not involve the use of drugs.


If you want to explore this further contact me and lets see how it might help you.

© Martin Williams 2013/15/16