Live like a Superstar

Live like a superstar

When I win the lottery……….

If I had ………. I would

I wish I could live like--------

Day dreams , may seem to be a harmless way of passing time, we try out ideas of how life could / should be for us IF. But the IF is the problem with daydreams


Day dreams are how we excuse  our own laziness. We dream of a fantastic life, a different job, better health, more friends, new relationships. Very often these musings are vague, lacking specifics or a timescale. Because of this lack of structure  they stay as something that may happen one day. Bottom line is  It won’t.


Nothing happens if you do not take control and make it happen.


Maybe that tells you something too--- maybe at the back of your mind you know that if you want something you have to make an effort--- change even.

Being fearful of change is so much more commonplace than most people realise. We as individuals will put up with quite miserable lives because we fear that if we try to change we might get it wrong and make things worse. Lack of self confidence feeds that way of thinking the “I could never do that”, “I wouldn’t be allowed to ----“ “ What would people say if I…”


There is another path too that is allied to a lack of confidence that says “If I am successful will I cope” fear of failure is often matched by fear of success. People worry about losing the friends and benefits of their current life if they become too successful—having to move to other areas, mix with different people who may judge them, see through them.


Creating any of these anxieties acts as a brake on progress


But what happens if you are able to put those negative thoughts aside?

How would you feel if your dreams came true, how much better even would you feel if you made them come true.?


The biggest thing stopping you from getting what you want is YOU.

So the next question is --- “If I overcome my reservations HOW do I get what I want?”

Here’s a thought—start at the end and work back to the start--- sounds odd I know but it is worth thinking about.


Imagine that you have your dream life, Now,  imagine that you are telling the story of how you came to be wherever you are on a T.V. chat show.  What sort of questions might the interviewer ask--- what would the audience want to know

Let your imagination run free but not wild, think about things, be happy to discard the thoughts that do not work and hold onto those that do.( Write them down before you lose them) Notice that along the way there are a number of steps that got you from zero to 100% of your dream. Note each of those steps like an island, see how you hop from one to the next, notice the high and low points along the way, notice the choices you had to make and what resulted from them.

Notice how you feel at both the successes and the failures. Visualise a great big billboard at the side of the road you are travelling, it has one clear message, “You learn more from your failures than from your successes.”  As you build this picture add in the feelings that go with each stage, it may be a dream but now you are making it real, there will be stumbling blocks but as you hit them notice how each one makes you more determined to succeed. Recognise that you can take control of feelings and turn them always to your advantage. If you feel sad or depressed remind yourself that when you get it right you will feel great, that you do not want this negative emotion because it drains energy, you want success because that feeds your energy.


Be aware of yourself and  what you tell yourself by the actions that come automatically to you. Notice how when you feel down you tend to look down, your head droops, that restricts your breathing which makes it feel laboured and heavy, an effort  that tires you. So, Be aware of this so that when you  have a negative feeling you look up and forward, you hold your head up and take in a long slow deep breath. That fills you with energy, encourages you to look forward, to take in extra light. You’ve heard the phrase “lights on moment”, this is how it works, clear bright light is inspirational, it gets the brain firing. Darkness is linked to introspection, quiet and sleep fine at the right time but not when you are dealing with an issue that needs to be resolved.

Food for thought:- if you want to function at your best, eat the right sort of food—this is part of that progress trail—finding the foods that make you feel light, fit, fast, energetic, motivated. It really makes perfect sense when you stop and think about it---heavy food takes time to digest, slows you down  because your system is dealing with  the stodge of processed foods.  Think about the template of a depressed person, many will look for comfort foods—terrible choice because they are usually heavy, greasy, sugary things that just make you want to go to sleep, how can that help you ????

Take time and make space to notice how many issues there are that affect you without you really being aware. Simply noticing how these things affect your current life helps you see  what changes you need to make to get the life you want.

It is easier to do this when you have someone to bounce ideas off, someone to give an impartial view upon your thoughts and most important someone who can help you bring those selected  ideas into reality by helping you believe in yourself.

Email me or call me, we can analyse your current situation, work out what issues need attention and in what order then we can book appointments to suit your needs and progress. Often just a couple of sessions will be enough to get you on course, then at longer intervals  there can be maintenance sessions to check that you are staying on track and that your goals are adjusted to take account of the changes already made. Te contact details are on the side of the page—Do it today


© Martin Williams 2013/15/16