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 I believe health needs an Holistic approach and that you are entitled to create a raft of therapists that reflect and cater to your particular understanding and belief system. 

In other words I want to help you find what works for you is the new site for the Mindfulness content that has been residing on this site. It contains articles and links to resources, it will grow over time as this site has. Feel free to comment and request articles on specific themes.  If you are serious about giving up smoking have a look at this site. The session is longer than a normal therapy session but in the majority of cases is a "One off  " treatment though you can return  for further top up sessions if you feel the need If you are located in North Wales  I will be your therapist, unless you decide to  go to another area.  Emma offers both E.F.T. and Reiki which can be taken individually or together. Both are well established therapies. E.F.T. works on the meridian system to free  energy flows within the body.    Different  from the site above, offers a range of treatments including 

Acupuncture, Reflexology, Allergy testing, Alexander technique, Homeopathy, Herbal medicine, Osteopathy, Nutritional therapy  & more  Sandra offers massage including Indian Head massage and a range of natural beauty products.  Belinda Brdbury is now operating from Machynlleth, check out her site to see what she offers.     The Parabl Partners are Flintshire Mind, Aberconwy Mind, CAIS, Tan y Maen and Ynys Mon and Gwynedd Mind. Other service providers include Vale of Clwyd Mind, Relate and Cruse. The largest free register of Hypnotherapists in the UK. The register has been set up and is maintained by a hypnotherapist and computer enthusiast  who is doing his part in  increasing easy  access to a range of hypnotheraputic  providers.

Here are some useful resources that may be helpful, they are from site . Some material and details may relate specifically to the USA but the general information and guidance seems to be pretty universal

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The latest link--- see also the new article Weight a minute--for exercise

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