The future starts here

The future starts here but ---What holds you back?

Belief is an incredibly strong force. I am not talking about beieif in   terms of religion, though for some that is a powerful but separate force. I am talking about your capacity to believe, a skill that in some needs development. I say it is a skill because it is a tool that you can use to develop, modify or completely change your life.

Through history people who have believed in something particular have made much greater progress than anyone around them would have imagined.

If you believe something, an idea, a theory, a cause you will automatically feel differently than someone who does not share that belief. Since you hold a particular belief you will feel differetly than those who do not believe. Those feelings swill in turn have an effect on the way you behave.  Perhaps an example would help me express this more clearly.

A person believed that slavery was wrong when to tiose around them it was just a normal situation, something that had existed for centuries and was a normal part of international commerce. For the person who thought it wrong it created strong feelings, made them feel sympathy with those who were slaves, made them feel that something had to change , made them feel that they had to take action. Those feeling naturally led to actions, first in a small way, perhaps writing letters, lobbying M.P’s, creating discussion groups or raising a petition so that over time those actions became larger, international and finally led to the repeal of slavery.

In your personal world you may have personal goals, ambitions; the difference between them staying as day dreams  or becoming reality will depend on your belief in yourself.

Do you believe that you can achieve?

 If not how do you convince yourself that what you want can be done?

If you do not believe in your own potential others will pick that up in the way you behave, look, act and will assume that you are not really serious about what you say you want.

Once you truly believe in your goal you will feel differetly about it, it will beome a project, something real to be planned for and worked towards. At that point people will start to notice adifference, they will realise that you are sincere, that you are making efforts.

There is a very old joke that you may find relevant here> Every day for 20 years Max played golf. As he walked from hole to hole he would pray “Please God let me win the lottery” and every day his prayer was heard but nothing happened. Max thought about giving up his prayer because it wasn’t working so  he stopped out in the middle of the fairway and shouted “ God every day I pray to you and still you haven’t let me win” Suddenley a voice  that seemed to come from everywhere filled his senses and said  “ Max, meet me half way --- at least buy a lottery ticket”

 There are two things to note here First, if you keep doing the same thing and getting the same result, that is not the one you want ---- try something, anything different. The second point is if you are taking a hsand in making things happen others are much more likely to support and assist you.

If you are still in doubt look back over the last hundred years at the changes that have been made in ecery aspect of life—every one of them started with one persons belief that something could be done.

If you are still in doubt just think about a boy born in a remote village, who had limited education and no money, who became a lawyer--- who became and activist--- who became a prisoner and then became President of his country. Is your goal that big, is your belief that strong, if it is just imagine how far you can go. If not call me and we will start work on finding your true potential, contact me through this web page or ring me for an appointment---If you don’t start the snowball rolling down the hillside it will never be more than  a pebble.

© Martin Williams 2013/15/16