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Rapport is important in any therapeutic relationship so perhaps that process will be helped if I tell you a little about myself.

I live in rural north Wales and enjoy the freedom and open countryside with which the area is endowed. 

I am quite active, using both the gym and walks on the beach with my dogs to  maintain fitness 

I am open to new ideas and am willing to consider any treatments that offer real, practical solutions. 

Each treatment plan is individual and will combine the mix of therapies that best address the issue 

I am very down to earth so although open , as I said above, to real, measurable therapies I will never use anything that I am not convinced will be of benefit. 

I enjoy live theatre and am a keen supporter of National Theatre Wales: stimulating the imagination and testing boundaries keeps the mind active and broadens understanding of the complex world in which we live 

I enjoy most types of music and find it too has a place in the therapeutic process, over the next couple of years I want to develop a better understanding so that I will be able to offer carefully crafted discs on a range of themes. 

I enjoy the company of people: whilst I work on a one to one basis with clients I like the variety of personalities this work enables me to meet. 

 think I am unshockable  and non judgemental: people experience many things in their lives which sometimes lead  them into actions or situations that differ greatly from normal experience of the majority. Those experiences can, sometimes, with help from therapists, become surprisingly life enhancing . Those who have experienced seemingly bad things can ultimately become greatly enriched people who have much to offer to those around them

All articles on this site are written by me , unless otherwise indicated. They are written from my perspective as a therapist , they should be read in conjunction with established  medical and psychological opinion in order to arrive at a fully balanced  view.


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I am a member of the following professional bodies and my qualifications are endorsed by them

National Council for Hypnotherapy

The Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy 

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