The power of feelings



Everything we do is determined by how we feel. If we are happy we smile if we are angry those around us can see it in our face and body language. 

Feelings have other effects too. They can affect our physical well being---think how tension /stress causes your stomach to knot up, gives you headaches, makes you fell sick. All these are the proof that what happens in the mind affects the body.

How we perceive ( look at things) therefore determines how we feel and thus how we act.

Do you wonder why you feel the way you do about particular issues?

At sometime some event has happened that made you feel a particular way, if it was a fun thing you associate feelings of fun and happiness with that event, when similar events. occur you will react in a similar way ---a sort of mental road map that tells you how to respond. 

Equally a bad experience generates feelings that you do not want to relive and whenever an event even remotely related happens you will react in a negative way Sometimes we get stuck with these responses when they are no longer useful or appropriate for example as a child you were perhaps scared of the dark because someone had told you there were monsters under the bed that come out in the dark, you insisted on keeping thre lights on in order to feel safe. Now as an adult that seems ridiculous , but for some those feelings persist and they are unable to consider sleeping without a nightlight, possibly a problem if you now sleep with a partner who objects. That is perhaps oversimplifying things but you get the picture

There are lots of feelings that you collect over time, some useful and safeguarding,others that hinder or worry you.

With help you can change the way you feel about many things and this has many benefits because it is not just about the feelings it is about how they affect how you respond to aspects of your life.If you keep doing something hoping to get a particular result that does not happen you begin to think that the result is not acheiveable “I can't do it” . Changing the way you feel about what you want to achieve will give different options that, when used, will get you where you want to be and where you think you cant get now.

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