Weight loss as a project

You will be responsible for your own success, by that I mean that it will be your efforts supported by my skill and knowledge that will enable you to manage your weight long term.

Remember I said these are changes for life, your better life. Remember all those diets that have been advertised?  They involved doing something different for a time and getting a result—but  no one can stay on these fad diets forever, they are a short term fix. At the end people “Go back to normal” the trouble is their version of normal is what got them overweight so immediately failure is built in.


Permanent weight loss means permanent changes to the choices you make, the actions you take and the beliefs that you hold.


Consider these phrases--- eat it all up, there are people who would be glad of what’s on your plate. What’s wrong, don’t you like my cooking. Don’t waste good food eat it all up. They are part of your conditioning what you think and believe so they control your actions. When did you last say I’ve had enough and leave food on the plate? How many times have you sneaked a snack and then had to force yourself to finish a meal to avoid a row with whoever has cooked?


Food and our relationship with it is complex, but it can be fun sorting it out, putting it right and getting the slim result that you want.

Counting calories does not feature in the process---keeping note of how you feel 

This graphic will help you understand some of the issues that obesity brings
© Martin Williams 2013/15/16